We Are The Monarchy

Hello world. I'm the Urkelian Rockstar. Welcome to The Monarchy, one big royal family. All of us, as individuals, can come together to contribute (in our own unique ways) to the greatness of our kingdom, which is this world that we live in. We come together and rule as one. We are all kings and queens and should behave as such. We are rulers of our own individual human experience, free to express ourselves and navigate this world as we choose, as it comes to us. Our consciousness, how and what we see and perceive in this world, is our kingdom. And we should never relinquish that power because if we do, someone else will rule in our place.

We are royalty. We are The Monarchy.

For a long time, memory researchers assumed that memories were like volumes stored in a library. When your brain remembered something, it was simply searching through the stacks and then reading aloud from whatever passage it discovered. But some scientists now believe that memories effectively get rewritten every time they’re activated, thanks to a process called reconsolidation. To create a synaptic connection between two neurons the associative link that is at the heart of all neuronal learning you need protein synthesis. Studies on rats suggest that if you block protein synthesis during the execution of learned behavior pushing a lever to get food, for instance the learned behavior disappears. It appears that instead of simply recalling a memory that had been forged days or months ago, the brain is forging it all over again, in a new associative context. In a sense, when we remember something, we create a new memory, one that is shaped by the changes that have happened to our brain since the memory last occurred to us.


when ur showing someone a picture on your phone and they try to look through all of your pictures


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